Medicine Summer Club Access

Medicine Summer Club Access

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Access Level

The Medicine Summer Club runs like a gym membership. With the unlimited access pass, you can come to as many lessons as you wish throughout July & August.

£500 for unlimited access

How it Works

Once the summer club starts, you'll get 10 hours of credit every week.  This is enough to book 5, 2-hour sessions, or a combination of 2-hour and 1-hour sessions.  Every week, you get 10 more hours added to your account so you never run out! To ensure the experience is fantastic for every student, we limit the class size for the summer club sessions to 12 students. Here's what we need from you to make sure we can achieve this:
  • Only book a session if you are sure you can attend. Once a session is booked, you can only cancel with 3-weeks notice.
  • If you book a session and do not attend, there will be a 50-pound cancellation fee.
  • If you miss two sessions, you will lose access to the summer club without a refund.
These rules help make sure that students who book do attend, and provides a better experience for everyone.