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The Medical School Summer School is led by Doctors Patel, Vernazza and Jiva - or Rishi, Rachel and Dibah, respectively. These three, plus the rest of the theMSAG team, have vast expertise about all UK medical schools.  Dibah quite literally wrote the book on the subject! In fact, all career advisors in the UK currently use the “Get into Medical School” guidebook written by Dr. Jiva and theMSAG team.

We’re very careful in selecting our teachers and professionals, making sure we’re supported by doctors and medical students with complementary experience instead of overlapping when possible. This gives us a broad teaching range of specific topics within the field of Medicine.We also encourage the continuing professional development of our teachers, so we can continue to push ourselves as much as we push our students.

Dr Rachel Vernazza, BDS (Ncl)

Dr Vernazza studied Dentistry at Newcastle University. She has a wealth of teaching experience and attended a summer school herself aged 17, at the University of Oxford. She has been working with theMSAG since last year, and currently leads the theMSAG interview courses, MMI circuits and tutors students on a 1:1 basis, with many success stories of helping students to gain an offer from medical schools of their choice.

Dr Dibah Jiva, MD, MBA

Originally from Paris, Dr Jiva studied in France and Canada before getting her medical degree from the University of Nottingham Medical School.  She has personally helped over 500 families get into medicine (not including theMSAG courses) and has been helping students with medical school admissions for over 12 years.  She was a finalist for the Women in International Education Awards 2018 "Inspirational Woman of the Year", as well as a finalist for the SME National Business Awards 2019 "Business Woman of the Year."

Dr Rishi Patel, MD CCFP

Dr Patel is a fully qualified GP (family doctor) and a Hospital doctor in Toronto, Canada. Born in Canada, he moved to the UK and graduated from the University of Southampton, UK in 2016.  As an international himself, he is aware of application pressure both mentally and culturally. He has assisted many locals and internationals in obtaining the universities and training posts of their choice for both students and doctors respectively. He has evaluated and interviewed medical students as well as doctors for universities internationally.  


Our teachers are continually learning and improving, so we can provide our customers with up-to-date and accurate information. Our content is constantly being reviewed and updated. We go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not only met but exceeded regularly.


It’s not about what worked for us, it’s about what works for you.

Through every stage of our summer course, we provide a personal and tailored approach - creating content just for you.


Medicine is a field that stays at the forefront of technology, constantly making new discoveries and bettering the science. We believe that should start from admissions, and strive to use technology as a significant part of our teaching method.

We pride ourselves on course personalisation. We ensure that every student is getting information that is relevant to their interests and needs. That’s part of the reason we limit ourselves to 12 students per class - it also makes it easier for us to combine small group classes with individual one-to-one time. There is tutoring/mentoring time available every day of the Summer School so that you can book extra one-to-one time whenever you need it.

Along with one-to-one, we use a mixture of small group teaching, debates, presentations, mock practice, and hands-on clinical skills sessions. We also complement our teaching with access to our refined, online courses. Students will have access to these from home, including our online interview course and theMSAG’s comprehensive Guidebook for UK medical school entry. 

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