What to Expect

The Summer Club includes over 40 hours of live lessons with currently practising doctors. The sessions run three to four times per week throughout July & August and each session lasts for two hours. You will find a detailed schedule at the bottom of this page. The Summer Club content has been carefully curated to help you with the following:

• Set your Medical school application apart
• Develop the skills to become a better doctor

Each lesson belongs to one of three topics:

• Public Health
• Medical Ethics
• Tech & Innovation

... and uses one of two methodologies

• Critical Appraisal of Scientific Data
• Debates

Each week, there will also be one bonus lesson to help specifically with your medical school application. These lessons will be taught by Dr Jiva, the founder of the MSAG, who has 14 years of experience in supporting students with their medical school applications and has helped thousands of students successfully get a place at medical school!

Make your medical school application




The Topics

Public Health

Explore the biggest health challenges and public health interventions for patients in the UK, from COVID-19 to Obesity. Get thinking about the everyday impact of Brexit and major health interventions driven by the government on patients, healthcare staff and the NHS. All the while discussing possible solutions in an interactive way!

Medical Ethics

How do doctors decide what to do when they disagree with patients or colleagues? How do we make clinical decisions if there is no right answer? We explore the key principles guiding ethical decision-making and help you to construct your own well-balanced arguments.

Tech & Innovation

Learn about some of the latest advancements in healthcare such as Robotics, Artificial intelligence and big data (eg. fitbits, applewatch). We’ll review the latest evidence to analyse the benefits that new healthcare technologies offer to both patients and staff, as well as some of the potential risks.




Appraising Medical Research

We guide you to carefully analyse information in scientific papers, look for bias and judge reliability. Show interest in medical research for your medical school applications and understand how doctors use the latest scientific research to deliver the best care.

Debates in Healthcare

Whether it is about stem cells, artificial intelligence, cannabis or the COVID-19 vaccines, we live in a world where clinicians disagree on the best interventions. Live interactive debates will grow your understanding of the conflicting perspectives related to topical healthcare issues.