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July 6-18 • July 20-Aug 1 • Aug 3-15

The best summer school for students age 16-19


Learn from UK doctors

Our summer school is designed and taught by doctors that have practiced in the NHS - so you get the best and most authentic experience available.

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Choose your focus

theMSAG offers customisation like no other. Every student has a say in what aspect of medicine or application prep they participate in.  Don’t need a BMAT and UCAT course? Attend an ophthalmology or dermatology session instead! The choice is yours.

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Experience the UK

Trips to the BODY WORLDS exhibit, London, Oxford University and more await you - get the full UK experience from a medicine perspective!

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"An unforgettable experience"


theMSAG two-week residential summer school is the perfect choice for any student looking to become one of tomorrow’s doctors.  Whether it is to explore which career path you want to take in the healthcare sciences, discover the breadth of medical and surgical specialities available or to get a head start in your application, we have the programme that suits you. Previous participants describe the 2-weeks residential programme as a life-changing experience.

You have 2 programmes to choose from:


Medicine, Surgery & Healthcare Discovery School

2 weeks full of hands-on clinical experience!  Meet real patients, discover medical, surgical and healthcare specialties and learn the relevant anatomy, physiology and clinical skills for each one.  We use modern teaching methods with small groups and dissection.

Spend a day immersed in the life of an Ophthalmologist, Obstetrician, Junior doctor, Cardiologist, Neuro-scientist, Respiratory specialist...

Highlights include: surgical skills on real animal parts, clinical sessions taught by qualified doctors and a lot more!

This is a great experience if you know medicine is for you or if you are trying to figure out which career path to follow.


Medicine Preparation Summer School

The medicine preparation summer school includes half of the clinical activities of the Medicine, Surgery & Healthcare Discovery School. You will be able to pick the ones where you have the greatest clinical interest in.

With the other half of your time, you’ll receive the most comprehensive preparation for Medical School that theMSAG has to offer. This includes: admissions counselling, one-to-one personal statement prep, one-to-one consulting and strategy with Dr Dibah Jiva, complete UCAT and BMAT courses and interview experience.

It's the best of both worlds: the clinical hands-on experiences will help build your application strength and nurture your passion for the biological sciences while the admissions preparation part makes sure you are ahead of the crowd with your application.

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• Fantastic location and facilities

• Small class sizes (max 12 students)

• Cooking challenges
• Escape room
• Bowling
• Laser Tag
• Treasure Hunts
...and more!

• A multicultural environment

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• All sessions taught by qualified doctors

• Cardiology, Ophthalmology & Junior Doctor Clinics

• Neuroscience, Neurology, Obstetrics & Respiratory Medicine

• Team research project*

• Full UCAT/BMAT/Personal Statement courses*

• MMI Session

• Mentoring with Dr Jiva, the UK’s leading expert in medical school admissions

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The Full UK Adventure

• Experience the cities of London and Oxford

• Be inspired at the Body Worlds Exhibit

• Visit the University of Oxford and its medical schools

• Safe, giant campus with fingerprint scanning security and on-site security at all times

• Full unlimited access for all participants to a full gym, spin room, rowing room, swimming pool and fully-equipped sports center throughout the entire programme (Tennis, Squash, Basketball, Netball, Table tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.)

Plan early - act now!

Is this the right programme for you?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to gain real-world experience of what a career in medicine entails and whether it is the right career choice for them. We’ve designed the course with variations for different age groups. The clinical activities and all academics activities are run in groups of 12 max to allow for tailoring and individual attention.

The programme is designed for someone who is looking for an authentic, practical Health care experience or for someone who wants to get ahead in their application. It requires a genuine interest in general medicine and surgery and the Biological sciences in general. Our courses welcome international students as well and we usually have about 30% of UK students and 70% internationals!

Exposure to a variety of specialities will help you find your passion. This will help you understand a wide variety of professions within medicine, and help you decide if medicine is the right choice for you. We’ve worked hard to create one of the best summer medical programs for students!

Get ready for medicine.

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