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Just like a gym membership, you can choose the classes you are most interested in, to make the most out of your summer.

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What to Expect

The Summer Club includes over 40 hours of live lessons with currently practising doctors. The sessions run three to four times per week throughout July & August and each session lasts for two hours.

The class size is limited to 12 students to ensure the most interactive experience!


• Show commitment to Medicine (Certificates)
• Speak about medical topics before interviews
• Gain experience in Medical Research
• Apply strategically (With Dr Jiva's assistance)
• Gain insight from doctors' clinical experience


• Critically appraise scientific research
• Evaluate new technologies in Medicine
• Debate controversial topics
• Improve public speaking skills
• Teamwork to solve topical health challenges

The Topics

Public Health

Explore the biggest health challenges and public health interventions for patients in the UK, from COVID-19 to Obesity. Get thinking about the everyday impact of Brexit and major health interventions driven by the government on patients, healthcare staff and the NHS. All the while discussing possible solutions in an interactive way!

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Medical Ethics

How do doctors decide what to do when they disagree with patients or colleagues? How do we make clinical decisions if there is no right answer? We explore the key principles guiding ethical decision-making and help you to construct your own well-balanced arguments.

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Tech & Innovation

Learn about some of the latest advancements in healthcare such as Robotics, Artificial intelligence and big data (eg. fitbits, applewatch). We’ll review the latest evidence to analyse the benefits that new healthcare technologies offer to both patients and staff, as well as some of the potential risks.

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Medical School Admissions Stategy

Included in the summer club is a weekly medical school admissions consulting session with Dr Jiva, focusing on one specific aspect of Medical School Preparation.

Get ahead with guidance from the most renowned adviser for Medical School Entry in the UK!

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Medicine Summer Club Access
Regular price £500.00

Access Level

The Medicine Summer Club runs like a gym membership. With the unlimited access pass, you can come to as many lessons as you wish throughout July & August.

£500 for unlimited access

How it Works

Once the summer club starts, you'll get 10 hours of credit every week.  This is enough to book 5, 2-hour sessions, or a combination of 2-hour and 1-hour sessions.  Every week, you get 10 more hours added to your account so you never run out! To ensure the experience is fantastic for every student, we limit the class size for the summer club sessions to 12 students. Here's what we need from you to make sure we can achieve this:
  • Only book a session if you are sure you can attend. Once a session is booked, you can only cancel with 3-weeks notice.
  • If you book a session and do not attend, there will be a 50-pound cancellation fee.
  • If you miss two sessions, you will lose access to the summer club without a refund.
These rules help make sure that students who book do attend, and provides a better experience for everyone.